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Dear Ryan,


I just wanted to drop a line to thank you, Vicky and all the members of the team at Campervantastic for the wonderful service which you offered throughout the booking, collection and drop-off procedures relating to my recent camper van hire experience.


I couldn't speak highly enough of the professional manner in which everything was carried out, the clarity of explanation, the quality of the preparation of the van in advance of departure and the general advice given at all stages.


On arrival back to Ireland I felt as if i was sitting in a bumper car . . . and as yet, I haven't quite made the adjustment having grown rather attached to the Bamboo Green throughout my travels! It was a truly wonderful experience and I am so delighted to have been able to see the parts of the UK which I saw and share part of the experience with very elderly parents who are so chuffed to feel that camper-vanning is still an option for them even at 87 and 90 years respectively!


I will certainly keep an eye on your website over the next couple of months and in the meantime, I am living off the experience so tremendously enjoyed, thanks to all of you.


With warm wishes to each of you -and renewed and very sincere thanks for all your assistance throughout

- Miriam

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We had such a good time on our first van hire. Steve and the team made everything so easy. There was such good attention to detail, everything had been thought of and the team were all so helpful. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Thank-you so much for a great time. The only problem is now I don't want to camp any other way... I love these vans!

- Kate Brintworth

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We hired the pearl white VW campervan for our wedding in Italy. Steve and all that work at Campervantastic are incredible in their knowledge and ability to make you very excited about a holiday! We had the most amazing time in the van, driving through Lake Annecy, Tuscany, Lake Como and back to the UK. We highly recommend campervantastic to hire your dream campervan. It'll be a trip you'll never forget in absolute luxury!

- Amber

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Heather & co - I just wanted to pass on our thanks for the great experience we had during our adventure on our bikes & with the VW California we hired from you. We're so glad we picked the T5 and not a T1, the new T5 is certainly the new benchmark in camper wagons and would happily hire from you again. The whole process & help you gave was much appreciated and the quality of the van we had was simply 1st class.
As promised I have included a link to the Blog I've written which shares the whole story in perhaps too much detail but the one of interest to yourselves will be the page dedicated to the "Support Vehicle". I'm more than happy for you to reference this if you want and equally happy to speak to any other wary customers contemplating a similar epic journey across the UK.
It was with great sadness that we had to hand back the California on Tuesday, but I suspect this won't be our last adventure in one and I look forward to either buying one or at least renting from yourselves in the future.

- Glenn

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